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About Norbertson Vintners

Having first met at school in the ’70s, Toby, Stephen, Tim and Alister’s collective karma has merged again to form Norbertson Vintners.

Twenty-six years ago, we started hunting down wines we couldn’t find on the shelves of mass wine retailers for private bottlings — and then we decided to share the love. We now have a solid network of fellow enthusiasts who, strangely enough, are keen to buy superb Australian wines that you won’t find anywhere else at heavily discounted prices.

Toby, Stephen and Tim started Artifishal Studios in the mid-’80s — producing design and printing for the wine and hospitality industries, where they quickly gained a reputation for their off-beat and original aesthetic. While Tim remained a director of the business, his day job veered off into the foggy mists of academia. Over the years, Alister has seen fit to offer Toby, Stephen, Tim unsolicited advice, and — together with his tenor sax — has accompanied them on various conferences/junkets as a kind of minstrel/elf.